30 Day Perennial Post Challenge | Day 29 | Dianthus ‘Telstar’

Day 29 of the perennial plant challenge. There are many types of Dianthus, but the Telstar series, which is a hybrid of Dianthus barbatus and Dianthus chinensis, is a star in our garden. We originally planted this 2 years ago in fall, to add a little late fall and winter color to the winter veggie garden. I was going to rip it out of the raised bed when we switched from winter to summer garden, but it was still in bloom so I left it with all of the basils. Well, now the mounds of Dianthus ‘Pink’ have been through 2 years of growth, and they are happily blooming right now!!!

The Telstar series of Dianthus is lightly fragrant, and edible, so add the lovely flowers to your salads. And so many colors! White, pink, Crimson, and picotee (white edges with violet ). And the bloom time for these pretty little mounding perennials is almost year round!

Plant these perennials in mixed containers, and they are wonderful additions to a culinary herb bowl. Plant them with your winter vegetables to add some color, and plant along a border for quick color.

Dianthus ‘Telstar’ series grows to about 6 inches tall and 1 ft wide. Shear lightly to renew flowering and fertilize every 3 months in the ground or every month in a container.