30 Day Perennial Post Challenge | Day 26 | Coreopsis ‘Pink Lemonade’

Oops, I have no excuse, I just didn’t get day 26 of the perennial plant challenge done yesterday! So here is the plant for day 26, Coreopsis ‘Pink Lemonade’. Commonly called tickseed, which is a rather homely name for such a pretty plant, and this one looks great for many months. It only grows to 10 inches tall and 14 inches wide, making it superb in the front of a border. Foliage is a light green to golden color, and the flowers are an intense pink daisy with a harvest gold eye. When ‘Pink Lemonade’ is in full bloom, it will bring lots of butterflies and pollinators into the garden. And when the blooms are spent, trim off the flowers off to get another intense bloom.

Plant in full sun, in an area with good drainage. They can withstand light drought, but average garden water assures plenty of bloom. They will die back to the ground in the winter, and are hardy to 20 degrees. Fertilize twice a year with an all purpose fertilizer to assure continued bloom.
‘Pink Lemonade ‘ coreopsis is a good choice for containers, adding a pretty pop of color all summer. In mixed containers it plays very well, staying small and willing to be crowded in so you can enjoy many colors and textures.