30 Day Perennial Post Challenge | Day 25 | Kalanchoe marnieriana

Day 25 of the perennial plant challenge! Today, a succulent that is native to the island of Madagascar, Kalanchoe marnieriana. This is such a neat plant in the garden. It grows 12-18 inches tall and 24-36 inches wide, and has these interesting flat blue-green leaves that look like neatly stacked plates on a stem. The leaves are rimmed in red, and during the late fall and early small stalks of brilliant pinkish red blooms hang down.

Kalanchoe marnieriana is hardy down to 25 degrees F, so if your winters will be colder you will need to protect the plant. Fortunately this Kalanchoe doesn’t mind being a house plant, so long as you keep it on the dry side and in fairly good light. Fertilize lightly every 2-3 months if growing in a pot, and at least once every 6 months if growing in the ground.

Kalanchoe marnieriana is a terrific specimen for a mixed succulent container, providing everything we hope a succulent to give us in the landscape – color, texture, and form.