30 Day Perennial Post Challenge | Day 23 | Correa reflexa ‘Carpenter Rocks’

Day 23 of the perennial plant challenge. An Australian beauty, Correa reflexa ‘Carpenter Rocks’ just coming into bloom. Somehow this plant reminds me of Christmas!

Correa is a member of the Citrus family, a 3 ft tall and wide open growing evergreen shrub. Full to part day sun is perfect for this plant, and once established is very drought tolerant. The 1-2 inch tubular shaped blooms are deep red with the flower edges ringed with chartreuse. The flowers are somewhat waxy feeling, allowing them to look good for several months! They are terrific for large containers or in well drained soil. They bloom heaviest through the winter, so plant them in a container near where your door or window. They are very low maintenance.

This is a great hummingbird plant for the winter time!