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30 Day Perennial Post Challenge | Day 22 | Heuchera

Day 22 of the perennial plant challenge. I have been emphasizing fall flowering plants, but sometimes the foliage is the outstanding part of the plant. Heuchera is a great example of fabulous foliage. The photo shows 9 different Heuchera that we grow at the farm, all choices for afternoon shade in hot inland California. These are all hybrid varieties, super tough and lovely.

Heucheras stay short and tidy year round, and look beautiful in the shady border. In the spring expect long stems with small bell shaped blooms in shades of white or pink. Hummingbirds will love them! Heuchera can be used to lighten up a dark corner in the garden, or pull together the flower and foliage colors.

Heuchera prefers adequate water, although once established most varieties will thrive on once a week watering. Provide plenty of mulch and afternoon shade, and deep watering. Fertilize every 3 months with an all purpose fertilizer. If growing in containers, fertilize once monthly.

Heuchera is hardy to -15 degrees F, making it a good choice for snowy, cold climates. In mild winter areas Heuchera is typically evergreen, and the only pruning needed is to remove old spent leaves.

Heuchera will grow well under trees where other plants suffer. We have many Heuchera planted under walnut trees, and after many years they still look beautiful. They also do well in high acid situations, so plant under redwood, pine and fir trees, or mixed in with camellias or azaleas.

The nine varieties shown below are:
Top row, left to right:
Snow Angel, Dark Secret, Lemon Chiffon
Middle row, left to right:
Amethyst Mist, Peppermint Spice, Kassandra
Bottom row, left to right:
Amber Waves, Purple Petticoats, Marvelous Marbles
A color for everyone!

heuchera collection