Perilla 'Tricolor' $6.95
Perilla Magilla

This perilla is grown as an accent or landscaping plant, rather than a culinary plant.  The gorgeous burgundy foliage with a bright pink and green center is striking, and is very easy to grow in both sun and shade.  It is often mistaken for a coleus, but it is not!
Grow with plants that have striking flowers, such as Cuphea 'Purple Passion' or Echinacea 'Pink Double Delight'.
Although it is drought tolerant, it can be a big feeder, so in containers be sure to fertilize every 3 weeks.  Shearing back by half during the summer can keep the plant more compact and the foliage more striking.


  • Sun Exposure - Sun to part shade
  • Lifespan - Annual
  • Flower Color - white
  • Container Plant
  • Variegated Leaves
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