Salvia sinaloensis $6.95
Sinaloa Sage

Low growing, with reddish purple leaves and contrasting deep blue flowers in midsummer.  Rarely do gardeners get such a true blue flower, and when matched with the purple tinged leaves, the effect is stunning.  Salvia sinaloensis grows to about 1 ft tall, with long, graceful stems.  It performs best in some afternoon shade in the hottest growing areas, full sun in cooler locations.  Flowering occurs summer and fall.  Average garden water is best.


  • Sun Exposure - Sun to part shade
  • Lifespan - Perennial
  • Foliage - Herbaceous
  • Flower Color - blue
  • Sunset Zone - 16
  • USDA Zone - 8
  • Hummingbird Plant
  • Butterfly Plant
  • Variegated Leaves
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